FLIR Systems' FLIR Black Hornet Vehicle Reconnaissance System features Black Hornet 3 nano UAS



FLIR Systems has announced the launch of its FLIR Black Hornet Vehicle Reconnaissance System (VRS), which features the Black Hornet 3 nano UAS designed for global military, government agency, and first responder vehicle-mounted operations.

Based on an adaption of the Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System (PRS), which is the world’s smallest combat-proven nano UAS according to FLIR, the Black Hornet VRS provides the warfighter with the ability to maintain situational awareness, threat detection, and surveillance for battle damage assessment, pre-deployment and route and point reconnaissance, and targeting information. All of this can be done without warfighters having to leave the vehicle.

Combined, the Black Hornet and the VRS create a “real-time situational awareness (RSTA) airborne system” for warfighters protected inside a vehicle. The Black Hornet VRS includes a launch unit that holds several Black Hornet 3 UAS, and mounts to the exterior of any military vehicle, including armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, and light utility vehicles.

Operators inside a vehicle can use an integrated battle management system or only a display to launch and fly the Black Hornet 3 on its mission. Additionally, the complete system is easily integrated with modern battlefield management systems and is vehicle platform independent.

“The Black Hornet Vehicle Reconnaissance System brings unique situational awareness and understanding to vehicle operators, and provides our warfighters improved safety on the battlefield,” says Jim Cannon, President and CEO of FLIR.

“The Black Hornet 3-powered VRS is representative of the company’s new focus on delivering full-solution technology, and we look forward to playing a role in helping modernize our military customers.”  

More than 30 nations have fielded the Black Hornet PRS since 2011. With the Black Hornet PRS, small combat units, SWAT teams, and first responders are provided with immediate intelligence, target-acquisition and reconnaissance capability.