DJI seeking partners for UAS Integration Pilot Program



DJI is looking to partner with state, local and tribal governments that are applying to take part in the FAA’s recently launched UAS Integration Pilot Program, which will provide opportunities for government and industry to experiment with advanced UAS operations and test new forms of airspace management.

​Governments that are interested in participating in the UAS Integration Pilot Program have been asked by the FAA to work with UAS operators and manufacturers in their applications to be part of the pilot program.

With this in mind, DJI is inviting those governments to consider partnering with DJI, so that the “expertise and collaborative vitality” of their programs can be enhanced.

“DJI has worked for years with government officials around the world to help develop reasonable, safety-enhancing public policies while keeping open the pathways to innovation,” says Brendan Schulman, DJI Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs.

“We would very much value the opportunity to work with U.S. state, local and tribal governments to develop smart and comprehensive strategies for expanding how drones can benefit their constituents while properly managing their integration into the airspace.”

Through a partnership, DJI says that it will offer significant equipment and expertise including, but not limited to, its UAS equipment, its new AeroScope “electronic license plate” technology, and access to DJI’s User Community.

DJI says that it welcomes other ideas for how it can “contribute to ambitious Integration Pilot Program proposals.”

Governments that are interested in working with DJI on a proposal should send a brief description of an anticipated proposal, along with contact information, to

Governments interested in participating in the UAS Integration Pilot Program are required to submit a notice of intent by Nov. 28.