Deuce Drone to demonstrate drone delivery system for Buffalo Wild Wings Franchisee

After signing a Demonstration Agreement with Potters Wings Mobile LLC, a Buffalo Wild Wings Franchisee, Deuce Drone will demonstrate its drone delivery system at the franchisee’s Mobile, Alabama Buffalo Wild Wings sports bar.

The demonstration is expected to take place at the end of August.

“Buffalo Wild Wings is a perfect test case for Deuce Drone’s last mile delivery solution,” says Rhett Ross, CEO of Deuce Drone.

“We feel we offer Buffalo Wild Wings a significant opportunity to provide alternative means of food and drink delivery to consumers.”

Founded in 2019 with the intent of solving the last mile delivery problem for “brick and mortar” retailers by enabling drone shipment from existing stores, Deuce Drone will be responsible for the design of the Aerial Drone Delivery Interface System. This includes everything from the design and operation of the landing, recharging and package handling system, software interfacing with both the drone and the Buffalo Wild Wings Point of Sale (POS) operating system, meeting regulatory and code compliance, conducting the demonstration, and any additional related activities.

“Partnering with Deuce Drone will give us the opportunity to test new ways to evolve and meet the takeout needs of customers through drone technology,” says Brian Jordan of Potters Wings Mobile.

“Deuce Drone’s expertise in aerospace, construction and technology delivers an innovative solution that could reduce costs and delivery time, while giving customers the option of a truly contactless delivery.”

Below (from left to right): KJ Hardrict, Deuce Drone Founder and Aerospace Engineer; Philip Burton, Deuce Drone Founder and CEO of Burton Property Group; Rhett Ross, Deuce Drone Founder and CEO; Brian Jordan, Potters II LLC and Buffalo Wild Wings Franchisee; Jason Hall, Potters II LLC and Buffalo Wild Wings Franchisee; Timmy Hussain, Deuce Drone Founder and Aerospace Engineer. Photo courtesy of ​Deuce Drone