ASV Global and Peel Ports Group partner to develop use of autonomous vessel technology for UK port operations



ASV Global (ASV) and Peel Ports Group have launched a partnership to “develop the use of autonomous vessel technology for UK port operations.”

The partnership, which was cemented in March when the companies signed an official Memorandum of Understanding, began with a visit from ASV’s team to the Port of Liverpool to demonstrate an autonomous vessel called the C-Cat 3, which is ideal for shallow survey operations.

Operating in Brocklebank Dock, the C-Cat 3 conducted seabed survey using a Norbit iWBMS multibeam echosounder. The successful demonstration led Peel Ports Group to look into the possibility of using the technology at its other sites throughout the United Kingdom.

Peel Ports will “facilitate access to its ports across the UK” for additional test programs, which will allow ASV to take advantage of the company’s expertise in port safety and operations.

“There is enormous potential for the application of ASV technology within UK ports; we are delighted to be partnering with Peel Ports to leverage our combined expertise to realize these opportunities,” says Vince Dobbin, Sales and Marketing Director, ASV Global.

“Autonomous vessels have been gaining ground globally over recent years, we have proven the application of ASVs in a number of offshore environments and are excited to explore new areas of application.”

According to the companies, the partnership will “encourage shared learning and address the challenges relating to using autonomous vessels within UK ports.” Possibilities for collaborative development projects are also expected to be explored through the partnership as well.

“This partnership with global leader ASV will cement our commitment to ensuring we are at the forefront of research and the latest cutting-edge technologies which will provide the best possible service to our customers,” says Gary Doyle, Group Harbour Master at Peel Ports.

“Bringing the best in class expertise together, we will facilitate an increased understanding of the benefits of autonomous vessels within port operations.”