Aquabotix introduces Integra AUV/ROV



Aquabotix, which is a U.S. manufacturer of commercial-grade UUVs and underwater cameras for commercial and military applications, has introduced the Integra AUV/ROV, the company’s second-generation hybrid underwater vehicle.

Designed for use across several sectors, the Integra AUV/ROV has a variety of features, including Live Remote Control and data sharing, five pounds of payload capability, and up to eight hours of battery life, just to name a few.

Thanks to these features, users can conduct multiple underwater missions using the Integra AUV/ROV, while providing a “cost-efficient alternative to deploying separate AUVs and ROVs for individualized tasks.”

“Our second-generation hybrid, the Integra, leverages the strongest innovative capabilities of both types of underwater vehicles. Yet in utilizing our hybrid digital platform, users no longer need two vehicles to explore and conduct tasks underwater,” says Durval Tavares, Chief Technology Officer of Aquabotix.

Configurable with multiple sensors, the single-person deployable Integra AUV/ROV is powered by portable and lithium ion battery, and is operated using an “easy-to-use intuitive platform” that is accessible from any web-enabled device.

Using AUV mode (untethered), the vehicle can search wide areas, and it can use ROV mode (tethered) to conduct detailed inspections.

“Now, they can activate AUV mode for broad range searches, while switching to ROV capabilities for more in-depth analysis of underwater conditions,” Tavares adds.

The vehicle can be switched from AUV mode to ROV mode by attaching the tether to remotely control the vehicle’s six degrees of freedom of motion. When the vehicle is running in autonomous operation, all mission planning is completed in an “intuitive Windows-based application.”

“The introduction of the Integra AUV/ROV is the next step in the evolution of underwater vehicles and illustrates how Aquabotix continues to successfully meet the demands of underwater exploration and inspection,” says David Batista, CEO of Aquabotix.