Altitude Angel, INVOLI partner to provide 'unrivaled picture of airspace' for UAS operations

Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) technology provider Altitude Angel is partnering with low-altitude air traffic data provider INVOLI to provide what they’re describing as “an unrivalled picture of airspace” to ANSPs, operators, pilots and drone-centric risk management applications.

After working together informally on a few initiatives, Altitude Angel and INVOLI believe a strategic partnership is beneficial for both of them. Most recently, the companies worked together at the African Drone Forum and Lake Kivu Challenge 2020, where Altitude Angel served as the lead and umbrella UTM provider, while INVOLI delivered its air traffic awareness system and drone tracking platform.

“Strategic partnerships, like the one we have formed with INVOLI, are a clear demonstration of how two businesses with a mutual vision for future drone flights can collaborate and in doing so, move an entire industry forward,” says Richard Parker, Altitude Angel, CEO and founder.

“The addition of INVOLI’s data to our already comprehensive platform will bring a new clarity to the airspace picture and in doing so, bring BVLOS flight a step closer.”

The companies will create a true situational awareness picture of the drone ecosystem by integrating INVOLI’s low-altitude air traffic awareness data stream with Altitude Angel’s airspace and ground hazard data, via its GuardianUTM platform. As a result, organizations that are adopting UTM technologies will have a ‘best-in-class’ enriched data source.

Altitude Angel says that it will also have the ability to propagate the data from INVOLI to other applications and partner platforms, including, Guardian App, and bespoke national drone apps from ANSPs.

“As two of the world’s most progressive organizations whose shared aim is to open our skies safely and securely to regular, automated drone flights, I’m excited by our partnership with Altitude Angel,” says Manu Lubrano, INVOLI CEO and co-founder.

“The next few years are critical for the drone industry, and we’re pleased to have Altitude Angel at our side to together enable safe drone-use worldwide.”

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