AI robotic arm gets experience cooking fried chicken and tater tots



Robotics and artificial intelligence technology company Miso Robotics has announced that its cloud-connected Miso AI platform now enables its autonomous robotic kitchen assistants to perform fry cooking tasks.

Additionally, NSF International has issued full certification to Miso Robotics’ kitchen assistant product line for meeting sanitation standards for commercial kitchen equipment, and the line has also secured an ETL Listed Mark by Intertek for meeting UL electrical safety standards.

Since July 30, Miso Robotics has been piloting Flippy, the world’s first autonomous robotic kitchen assistant, as a frying assistant at the Chick ‘n Tots stand in Dodger Stadium, home to Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Dodgers.

During its time at the Chick ‘n Tots stand, Flippy has helped stadium team members consistently cook and serve more than ten thousand pounds of fresh chicken tenders and crispy tater tots to Dodgers fans, producing up to 80 baskets of food per hour.  

“The robotic kitchen assistant helps us more quickly and safely cook perfectly crispy chicken tenders and tater tots,” says Robin Rosenberg, vice president and chef de cuisine for Levy, a hospitality company and partner of Miso Robotics. “It’s amazing to see the kitchen assistant and team members working together, and the consistency of product is incredible.”

Flippy is stationed in front of the fryer, and it uses three key Miso AI platform features — Miso See, Miso Serve and Miso Move — to help with the frying process.

Miso See allows the six-axis industrial robotic arm to properly identify and locate food, cookware and cooking utensils; Miso Serve gives the robotic arm the ability to make optimal cooking decisions in real-time; and Miso Move provides robotics control for safe and efficient grilling, frying and preparing food as assigned.

Each of these features allow Flippy to help with picking up baskets and placing them in the fryer, gently shaking baskets in the oil and monitoring cooking time. These features also allow Flippy to hang baskets to drain excess oil, place them at a designated station for temperature testing and skim the fry oil. Also, it will never be tempted to sneak a tot or chicken tender.

With Flippy handling so many responsibilities, team members can spend more time on food preparation and assembly and improving the fan experience.

“Dodger Stadium is an ideal location to pilot our technology with a key demographic that expects the type of quality food and service we have developed Flippy to assist in fulfilling,” says David Zito, cofounder and CEO at Miso Robotics.

“Levy, E15 and the LA Dodgers have been incredible partners during this process; the tremendous insight we have gained during this pilot has enabled us to make improvements that ensure stadium employees benefit most from our collaborative solution.”

Should you desire to sample food prepared by a robot, Flippy will continue frying at the Chick ‘n Tots stand at Dodger Stadium through the end of the 2018 LA Dodgers season.

During the offseason, Miso Robotics, Levy and E15, another partner, will continue to plan additional opportunities, and Miso Robotics says that it will further expand the capabilities of its autonomous robotic kitchen assistants, as well as applications for Miso AI.