AeroVironment's automated Quantix hybrid UAS for farmers now available



AeroVironment, Inc. has announced that its automated Quantix hybrid UAS and AeroVironment Decision Support System (AV DSS) analytics software are now available for sale through its authorized reseller network.

According to AeroVironment, the technology is a “powerfully simple-to-use and fully integrated drone and data processing solution delivering actionable intelligence for the farm.”

“We are offering farmers the first fully integrated drone, sensor and software information solution, that’s as easy to use as an app, for collecting and using aerial imagery,” says Kirk Flittie, vice president and general manager of AeroVironment’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems business segment.

“Farmers can now survey their entire farm more efficiently and accurately, on their schedule, to enable better decision making and farm management. We think this represents a turning point for the commercial use of drone technology, and we look forward to helping farmers everywhere gain information superiority in their ongoing battle against uncertainty.”

Farmers are offered a near real-time view of their farm using what AeroVironment identifies as “Quick-Look,” which allows farmers to view Quantix data in the field after each flight. Imagery is processed through AV DSS using proprietary algorithms, providing higher resolution, advanced analytics, and historical trend analysis.

“Throughout the development of Quantix and AV DSS we worked closely with growers to identify the most meaningful benefits delivered by our drone ecosystem,” explains Jeff Rodrian, Commercial Information Solutions director.

“We helped farmers use aerial imagery and analytics to assess the effectiveness of their growing processes, improve their scouting efficiency, and learn from changes in historical data to make improvements year-over-year.”

A Quantix hybrid UAS, plus a one-year subscription to AV DSS, with the ability to upload all the acreage needed for advanced data analysis, has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $16,500. The complete package includes an automated Quantix hybrid UAS with integrated true color and multispectral cameras, controller tablet with flight software and Quick-Look maps to conduct in-field assessments, battery and charger, plus the one-year subscription to AV DSS software.

Users can also download the AV DSS Survey Mobile App, which allows them to collect and upload georeferenced images and notes automatically to AV DSS.