Increasing Human Potential

Unmanned Systems are transforming our lives

Read the latest on how unmanned systems or intelligent robots are helping researchers, public entities and corporations in ways previously impossible.

Increasing Human Potential

Unmanned systems increase our human potential.They enable us to execute dangerous and difficult tasks safely and efficiently, saving lives.

IHP Exclusives

DJI'S PHANTOM UNE of consumer drones is the

800-pound gorilla of lhe industry. And now, the company's latest flying machine, the Phantom 4

HES Energy Sys!ernsraised a lew eyebrows last May, when it announced development 01 a luel ceil-powered quadcopter !hat could potentially stay arrborne lor four hours at

Researchersbased at the German Research Center for Artificral Iruelliqence (DFKI) have been busy lately, judging by tbeir lates! glut 01 iuturistic

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