Upcoming Webinars in 2018


The following webinars are tentatively scheduled for 2018. Registration for these events will be available shortly.


Protecting Government Holdings with Unmanned Systems

The Department of Defense and defense contractors have traditionally embraced the use of unmanned technology, but in recent years other government agencies have begun to introduce unmanned systems into their operating procedures. Our panel of speakers will highlight the growing number of public organizations using unmanned systems. Attendees will learn about efforts, within and beyond the Department of Defense, to leverage unmanned technology.

This webinar will provide a preview of AUVSI Unmanned Systems Defense. Protection. Security., the most comprehensive military- and government-focused event in the unmanned systems industry, where experts will address innovation, investment, and sustainability challenges and opportunities.


Who Should Attend?

  • Government and military personnel interested in unmanned systems
  • Commercial stakeholders
  • Anyone interested in the role of unmanned systems in government operations



Regulatory and Stakeholder Perspectives on the Future of UAS

The number of remote pilots using drones across an array of industries has opened the door for increased efficiency and productivity, but has also ushered in new challenges. Join AUVSI, FAA representatives, and industry stakeholders for a discussion of the evolving regulatory landscape and what it means for the drone industry.

Frank discussions between regulators and the drone community are important as both groups grapple with the safe integration of our technology into the national airspace. This webinar will provide community members with the opportunity to hear directly from FAA regulators and ask their most pressing questions.


Who Should Attend?

  • Commercial drone operators
  • Drone manufacturers
  • Individuals interested in the commercial potential of drones



Connecting Cars, Connecting Users: Challenges and Opportunities Offered by Automated Vehicles

Recently a range of diverse companies have launched high-profile automated vehicle programs and have begun describing their implementation plans. As automated vehicles gain traction and garner headlines, complex questions have arisen in the automated vehicles community, some of which were expected and others more surprising.

Innovators are exploring seemingly next-gen possibilities today. Ideas such as driverless delivery, smart roads, and AI are becoming actualities. This webinar will explore these topics and more, as industry leaders discuss their visions for future mobility and what it holds for road users.


Who Should Attend?

  • Automotive stakeholders
  • Automated vehicle manufacturers
  • Anyone interested in the development and proliferation of automated vehicles

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“Data is the New Oil” and Other XPONENTIAL Ideas

The unmanned systems industry, like so many others, is data driven and data dependent. Nowhere is that more evident than at AUVSI XPONENTIAL, which gathers innovators with backgrounds as diverse as the solutions they pursue, for a week of discussion and collaboration. Worlds collide at XPONENTIAL, as researchers discuss real-world applications, military leaders embrace ideas from startups, and emerging ideas take center stage. One concept that unites all these groups is the importance of harnessing data captured by your unmanned vehicle.

Without the proper tools, the enormous amounts of data collected by these systems can be daunting or even intimidating. This webinar will explore strategies and programs for utilizing the enormous amounts of data collected by your unmanned system and applying it to your business needs.


Who Should Attend?

  • Data solutions providers
  • Commercial drone operators
  • Individuals interested in the potential of unmanned systems

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Artificial Intelligence: Dispelling the Terminator Myth and Debunking the Future

Over the last year, AI debates have come in various shapes and sizes; as technologists, entrepreneurs, researchers, and almost everyone else, put forth their AI opinions. Questions about the capabilities and potential of AI were posed by people of diverse backgrounds prompting critical discussions and spurring more questions.

During this webinar, AI and deep learning experts will introduce attendees to their world, explain their visions for the future, and answer the question of what it means when science-fiction is within our reach.


Who Should Attend?

  • Roboticists
  • Futurists
  • Individuals interested in the impact of autonomous systems and artificial intelligence

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The Path to Integrating Automated Vehicles

Integrating automated vehicles into our roadways and cities is daunting task, but one this industry is poised to tackle, as innovators address challenges and consider the future.

At the Automated Vehicles Symposium, hosted by AUVSI and TRB July 9-12, 2018, experts will delve into critical topics, such as cybersecurity, the regulatory landscape, artificial intelligence, and vehicle connectivity. This webinar is your opportunity to get a head start and hear from some of the industry leaders you’ll meet in San Francisco.

Catch-up on the latest in automated vehicles and prepare for the Automated Vehicles Symposium with our preview webinar!


Who Should Attend?

  • Automotive stakeholders
  • Automated vehicle manufacturers
  • Anyone interested in the development and proliferation of automated vehicles

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Capturing the Moment: Drones in the Arts & Entertainment

Cinematography and the entertainment industry were early drone adopters and over the last several years have expanded the angles, locations, and ideas that can be captured by drones. Isolated areas have long been cost prohibitive for cinematographers and photographers, but have opened new areas and possibilities.

In this webinar, film and photography experts will examine the applications and capabilities of drones in their industry; including questions of selecting the best equipment, pursuing a career in drone imaging, and leveraging your skills.


Who Should Attend?

  • Commercial drone operators
  • Photographers and cinematographers
  • Anyone interested in capitalizing on the emerging role of drones in the arts

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Flying Safe: Current and Impending Legislation

When technology progresses as fast as we’ve seen unmanned systems progress, regulators are often left questioning how to prioritize public safety without constricting economic potential. During this webinar, FAA officials and regulatory insiders will provide an update on existing laws and an explanation of pending bills.

Each fall AUVSI hosts our annual Hill Day, which gives AUVSI members the opportunity to meet with legislators and explain the needs of the unmanned industry. This webinar will highlight the importance of both understanding unmanned systems regulations and educating lawmakers on the potential of our industry. Join us for this webinar and Hill Day 2018 to be sure your voice is heard!


Who Should Attend?

  • Commercial drone operators
  • Drone manufacturers
  • Investors in unmanned systems technology
  • Individuals interested in the commercial potential of drones



Mitigating Bad Actors with UAS and Securing Our Industry

One of the primary concerns of the drone community is how to take advantage of this technology, while keeping the public safe. The evolution of technology to mitigate malicious actors is critical to this mission, as developers consider scenarios where drones could be used by bad actors and take preventative steps.

During this webinar, defense industry leaders will explore current strategies to prevent negative actions, emerging ideas and options for mitigating threats from rogue users. Remote Pilots will share their experiences and discuss the mitigation capabilities that are important to them.


Who Should Attend?

  • Defense contractors
  • Representatives of law enforcement agencies
  • Drone manufacturers
  • Commercial drone users

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Unmanned Below the Sea: Discovering Energy Opportunities

The seafloor is one of the last frontiers on our planet that man has not yet conquered. The deployment of unmanned subsurface vehicles has allowed researchers unprecedented access to these hidden depths. Generating accurate maps, monitoring wildlife changes, and assessing natural resources are just a few of the many possibilities opened by deep water exploration. One industry that epitomizes the potential of unmanned maritime technology is the oil and gas sphere; wherein companies have gone further and deeper in search of precious resources.

Join AUVSI, unmanned maritime experts, and oil and gas industry representatives as we examine how unmanned technology has changed how they do business and provided new avenues for exploration.



Who Should Attend?

  • Unmanned maritime system experts
  • Energy industry representatives
  • Individuals interested in the transformative applications of unmanned systems



Investments, VCs and Incubators: Understanding Funding Opportunities

Navigating the maze of fundraising options and opportunities can be overwhelming, as entrepreneurs compete to showcase their nascent companies and concepts. Unmanned capabilities, products and solutions are rapidly evolving as new startups are constantly launched. For the best chance of success these startups need to connect with appropriate funding opportunities.

This webinar features experienced investors who will guide you through the funding process and provide critical advice to take your startup to the next level. You’ll hear from startup veterans and explore strategies to make your company stand out from the crowd.


Who Should Attend?

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Venture capitalists and investors
  • Individuals interested in the commercial drone market

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Trends and Predictions: Preparing the Industry for 2019

Over the last year unmanned systems have played a more visible and positive role than ever before. Drones were used to survey hurricane damage and monitor wildfires; automated vehicles took to the streets in Pittsburgh and Boston; and maritime systems monitored environmental changes. These accomplishments represent only a small fraction of this community’s potential. 2017 brought substantial changes to the unmanned systems industry and we’re poised to continue this growth well into the future.

This webinar will feature representatives from across commercial markets who have used unmanned technology in a new way this year. We’ll also hear from analysts who gauge the industry’s progress and predict where next year will take us. The future is unmanned!

Who Should Attend?

  • Venture capitalists and investors
  • Individuals interested in the unmanned systems industry
  • Market analysts

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