Upcoming Webinars

Upcoming Webinars

The following webinars are tentatively scheduled for 2017. Registration for these events will be available shortly.


Getting Started 101: Business Advice in the Unmanned Age

Getting into the business of unmanned technology can be a daunting task as entrepreneurs struggle to find their niche and build a reliable customer base, while protecting their own interests. However, with expert advice and guidance from our experienced speakers, individuals learn the most important aspects of securing insurance for your drone, working with professional operators, and flying safely.

This webinar will feature insight from insurance providers and the drone pilots who use them. Panelists will discuss the importance of selecting the right insurance policy and provide advice for companies interested in the drone industry. Drone users will explain why they decided to try the technology, what they’ve learned, and best practices for utilizing commercial drones.

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals interested in the commercial drone market
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Venture capitalists and investors


Data Processing and Management: Avoiding the Overload and Making Sense of Data

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of data captured by your unmanned vehicle? Are you looking for ways to organize data? Unprecedented amounts of data captured by drones have created ample opportunities for business growth and improvement, but managing this data can be challenging and leave users feeling lost.

Our data management experts will teach users how to make the most of the information at their disposal. Business representatives will discuss their decisions to use drones, outline how they’ve incorporated these methods into their businesses and examine how they manage the massive amounts of data. A data solutions provider will offer expert advice to help users make the most of data. Panelists will discuss useful data management software, share their strategies for processing data and help attendees put their data to use.

Who Should Attend

  • Commercial drone operators
  • Individuals interested in integrating drones into their businesses
  • Data solutions providers


Increasing Endurance: How Increasing Power Sources Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Imagine inspecting a bridge when low batteries force you to end the mission; or recording an action scene underwater when filming must pause so batteries can be charged. These experiences have frustrated users of unmanned technology and limited its use in the past. However, the advent of new energy sources is improving endurance to the benefit of commercial users across industries and domains. As we move into the future, increased battery life, powerful and compact engines, and alternative energy sources are changing how unmanned vehicles are powered.

Once inconceivably long drone missions are now being flown with regularity. These types of missions have the power to improve communication capabilities and bring internet access to remote areas. As the door opens to new missions, new markets are joining the Unmanned Age and boundaries pushed even further.

This webinar will explore improvements in endurance and alternative energy options. Technologists and adopters of unmanned technology will discuss how increasingly powerful systems are providing new commercial opportunities and highlight exciting horizons being broached by unmanned technology.

Who Should Attend

  • Commercial drone operators
  • Individuals interested in flying long endurance missions
  • Individuals interested in hybridization and alternative fuel sources
Counter UAS Technology: Protecting Our Skies

As more individuals and state actors gain access to drones, the question of how to defend against irresponsible and hostile drone use has become increasingly important. Counter UAS technology seeks to detect, identify, and neutralize aggressive UAS.

In this webinar defense industry leaders will examine various counter UAS methods, including control-override, communication interference and many others. Listeners will have the opportunity to ask thought leaders about current systems, OEMs, and the future of counter UAS efforts. First-hand accounts will be shared as military pilots consider counter UAS requirements and capabilities.

Who Should Attend

  • Defense contractors
  • Representatives of law enforcement agencies
  • Drone manufacturers
  • Commercial drone users


Imagery Payloads: Strengthening Your Business with Images Captured from Unmanned Vehicles

Unmanned technology and imagery payloads are allowing us to see the world around us with unprecedented clarity and access to remote areas. The effect of drone or robotic captured images has been experienced by moviegoers, real estate companies, sports fans, inspectors, and many more. These payloads have proven their worth to users across a range of markets, infrastructure, utilities, home inspection, oil and gas, and many others.

During this webinar, listeners will hear from individuals who have embraced unmanned technology to access capture cutting edge images and the operators who conduct these missions. Our panel of users will discuss how advanced imagery is revolutionizing their businesses and how more industries can utilize images captured by unmanned systems.

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals interested in the commercial potential of drones
  • Commercial drone operators
  • Payload manufacturers     



How Increasing Autonomy Will Create More Capable Ground Robots

The problem of achieving maximum autonomy has been a focus of the ground robotics community since the advent of unmanned technology. Robots capable of performing pre-determined tasks without human involvement are awakening new industries to the potential of ground robots.

Improved autonomy in recent years has allowed diverse industries to cut costs and improve efficiency by implementing these reliable vehicles. This webinar will feature a discussion of the approaching milestones in robot autonomy and what these capabilities mean for industries facing increased competition and shifting markets. Companies already utilizing ground robots will share their perspectives on how the technology has strengthened their businesses.

Who Should Attend

  • Roboticists
  • Companies interested in integrating ground robots
  • Individuals interested in autonomous systems     


Driverless Fleets Coming to a City Near You: How Soon is Soon?

The prospect of fleets of autonomously piloted cars joining us on city streets and highways is more realistic than ever. Many high profile companies have made driverless cars and shared mobility critical aspects of their futurist programs. The Automated Vehicles Symposium, hosted by AUVSI and TRB July 11-13 in San Francisco, offers in-depth discussions on the most pressing issues facing the automated vehicles community, including public acceptance, questions of artificial intelligence, connecting roads and vehicles, inter-car interfacing and regulatory updates.

This webinar will provide a preview of the conversations to be had and briefings to hear at the Automated Vehicles Symposium.

Who Should Attend

  • Automotive stakeholders
  • Automated vehicle manufacturers
  • Anyone interested in the advent of automated vehicles     


Inspecting Your Site: How Drones Are Changing Your Industry

Unprecedented access to dangerous and hard to reach areas have enabled companies to inspect ongoing projects and assess work sites more thoroughly than ever. More complete inspections allow builders to gauge the projects before them and provide realistic expectations to clients.

Inspection is one of the core tasks to which unmanned technology has been applied across domains. This webinar will include examples of how successful companies use drones to inspect holdings and increase profits. Our panel of users and drone providers will discuss the real applications and advantages of unmanned technology.

Who Should Attend

  • Commercial UAS operators
  • Inspectors interested in the application and potential of drones
  • Stakeholders interested using drones to inspect holdings     



Airspace Integration: How Commercial Drone Operators Can Play a Role and Affect Change

One year after the Small UAS Rule (Part 107) took effect lawmakers and commercial drone operators are still learning to share the National Airspace and integrate drones to their fullest potential. AUVSI’s advocacy team strives to educate lawmakers about issues important to the drone community and works in conjunction with the FAA to promote safe flying.

This webinar will highlight important aspects of FAA regulations governing commercial drone use and provide insights into how drone operators can affect regulatory change to support the growth of the industry.

Who Should Attend

  • Commercial drone operators
  • Drone manufacturers
  • Individuals interested in the commercial potential of drones     



Using Drones to Advance the Wireless Industry

Wireless and unmanned systems are two of the most disruptive technologies in recent memory. Both have changed how we access information, transport goods and communicate. The meeting of these technologies represents a unique opportunity to once again revolutionize mobility and communication and bring us one step closer to realizing the potential of the Information Age.

This webinar will feature expert perspectives on integrating unmanned technology into the wireless industry, the challenges associated with it and the markets poised to benefit. Wireless service providers will share how drones support their business and outline realistic expectations for the impact of drones on the wireless industry. Industry experts will explore growth opportunities in the unmanned industry for wireless providers, such as fleet management, enabling BVLOS, and long range wireless charging. Listener questions on the limitations and potential of incorporating unmanned technology into the wireless industry will be addressed.

Who Should Attend

  • Drone manufacturers
  • Wireless service providers
  • Commercial drone pilots
  • Individuals interested in the expanding commercial potential of drones     



Defense. Protection. Security: Opportunities with AUVSI

For over 40 years, AUVSI has held defense focused events, whether it was Unmanned Systems Program Review or later Unmanned Systems Defense, the goal of these events was to provide Department of Defense personnel and defense industry representatives with critical and timely unmanned systems updates. Over the last few years unmanned systems have been embraced by users beyond the traditional defense institutions, including a growing number of government agencies.

Unmanned Systems— Defense. Protection. Security. will bring together managers, decision makers and technology experts for the most comprehensive military- and government-focused event in the unmanned systems industry.

Join us for this introductory webinar as AUVSI leaders answer questions such as:

  • What does USDPS offer?
  • What is the mission of USDPS?
  • How is it different from Unmanned Systems Defense?
  • Why did AUVSI choose to expand the scope of this event?

Who Should Attend

  • Government personnel interested in unmanned systems
  • Commercial stakeholders
  • Past attendees of Unmanned Systems Defense
  • Anyone interested in the role of unmanned systems in government operations     


So You Want to Fly a Drone…

Recent industry analysis’ name drone pilots as one of the fastest growing job markets. As more companies and industries look to unmanned technology to improve their businesses, capable and licensed pilots are in increasing demand. Individuals interested in becoming a commercial drone pilot face questions such as, how to get certified, where to seek training, and what industries need drone pilots.

This webinar will feature input from remote pilot instructors and pilots working in industries from utilities and infrastructure to real estate and photography. Instructors will outline training resources and certification requirements; followed by a discussion of experiences entering the commercial pilot job market and the types of missions they have flown.

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals interested in becoming commercial drone pilots
  • Drone hobbyists
  • Individuals interested in integrating drones into their businesses     



Mapping the Future: How Drones and Geospatial Technology Are Changing How We See the World

The ability to gather accurate data and images efficiently and economically has drastically improved how companies and individuals map their holdings and surroundings. Drone missions can gather data and images once only available via satellite. Increased availability has led to more markets investing in mapping capabilities, as they recognize the benefits of accessing clear and accurate renderings.

This webinar will offer listeners the opportunity to hear real stories from individuals who use drones to create quality maps. The experiences and lessons learned by these individuals will be highlighted to demonstrate how advanced mapping software can improve business results. Additionally, mapping experts will answer your questions about the market applications and capabilities of this technology.

Who Should Attend

  • Payload specialists and suppliers
  • Professional surveyors
  • Commercial drone pilots
  • Anyone interested in leveraging UAS to map or survey holdings