Commercial UAS/UAM Flight Testing: Challenges and Opportunities



If you have a commercial UAM product or service and need to flight test, this webinar will provide you the information you need to test at FAA Flight Test Ranges and alternative flight test ranges. This webinar features a discussion of the current state for commercial Urban Air Mobility (UAM) flight testing, current flight testing environment, and opportunities for new UAM flight test programs.

The 1-hour program will be divided into 4 -15 minute segments:

  • View from UAM manufacturers on Commercial UAM Flight Testing issues and challenges: Fortem, ElectraFly, XTI Aircraft
  • Current environment for Commercial UAM Flight Testing: FAA, NASA, NIAS
  • Alternative solutions for Commercial UAM Flight Testing: Deseret UAS, FAA, NASA, Metron
  • Questions from participants

Who Should Attend?

  • Commercial UAM product and service providers
  • Investors in UAM industry
  • Individuals interested in the commercial UAM market


  • Parimal Kopardekar, PhD (Acting) Director of NASA Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI)
  • Earl Lawrence, Executive Director, FAA UAS Integration Office
  • Adam Roberson, CTO Fortem Technologies
  • Bob Hoffman, Metron Aviation
  • John Manning, Co-Founder ElectraFly
  • Robert Labelle, President XTI Aircraft
  • Dr. Tulinda Larsen, Executive Director Deseret UAS

Registration is complimentary for all attendees
Registration will close at 11:00 AM EST the day of the webinar.

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