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Learn from industry thought leaders with AUVSI’s Webinar Series without ever leaving your office. Each month experts share their insights and answer your questions about the unmanned community’s most pressing issues.


Upcoming Webinars

2018 Webinar Topics
January 17 Protecting Government Holdings with Unmanned Systems
February 21 Regulatory and Stakeholder Perspectives on the Future of UAS
March 14 Connecting Cars, Connecting Users: Challenges and Opportunities Offered by Automated Vehicles

Sponsored by: kvh

April 4 "Data is the New Oil" and Other XPONENTIAL Ideas

Sponsored by: harris

May 30 Artificial Intelligence: Dispelling the Terminator Myth and Debunking the Future

In Partnership with: kvh

June 13 The Path to Integrating Automated Vehicles

Sponsored by: kvhkvh

July 25 Capturing the Moment: Drones in the Arts & Entertainment>

Sponsored by: Rotor+Drone+Logo

August 8 Flying Safe: Current and Impending Legislation
September 19 Mitigating Bad Actors with UAS and Securing Our Industry

Sponsored by: hitec   

October 17 Unmanned Below the Sea: Discovering Energy Opportunities
November 26 Investments, VCs and Incubators: Understanding Funding Opportunities

Sponsored by: Perkins Coie

December 5 Trends and Predictions: Preparing the Industry for 2019

Sponsored by: Perkins CoieCC

2019 Webinar Topics
January 23 Unmanned for Good: Protecting Our Environment with Unmanned Systems
February 6 Truck Platooning: First Steps Towards Automated Vehicle Implementation
February 27 Unmanned Systems on the Farm: Assessing the Impact of Unmanned Systems in Agriculture
March 13 Launching Your Startup: Moving from Seed to Series A
April 3 Success in the Unmanned Economy: Use Cases and Advice from the Field
May 29 Blockchain Technology and Unmanned Systems

Sponsored by: Perkins Coie

June 12 Unmanned Urban Mobility
June 26 Unmanned Systems - Defense. Protection. Security. and the Road Forward

Sponsored by: Sierra olympic

July 10 Unmanned Systems Defense: Bridging the Gap Between Government and Industry
August 7 Flying Like A Pro: Knowing the Law and Maintaining Safe Practices

Sponsored by: Perkins Coie

September 18 Simulation and Testing: Realistic Uses for AR and VR
The Burgeoning of the Unmanned Maritime Industry and Its Economic Impact
November 13 Drones and the Future of Infrastructure Inspection: A Utilities Case Study
December 4 Seeing 2020: Forecasts for the Unmanned Industry

*All dates and topics are subject to change.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Each year, hundreds of unmanned systems industry professionals take advantage of these webinars. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your brand noticed by key buyers. AUVSI Webinars are available for real-time viewing or on-demand after the live presentation is over which means viewers will potentially be seeing our brand all year long. Sponsor a webinar that most aligns with your company’s products and services.



Custom Webinar Sponsorship

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  • Includes all general webinar sponsorship


General Webinar Sponsorship

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  • Complete list of all webinar registrants
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Sponsorship Investment

Custom Webinar Sponsorship

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