Dronicar's ad-bearing airship demonstrates water landing



Virginia-based Dronicar, which debuted its unmanned airship at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2017 in Dallas, announced that its advertisement airship drone was tested on water on July 4.

The 20-foot long airship drone demonstrated animated graphics and movies on its blimp body while landing on a lake.

The airship can fly for two hours with 1,200 lux displays on its side. Using banners instead of electric displays boosts that to five hours, or the helium-filled airship can be tethered and stay in the air for up to a week. Electric power can be supplied via the tethered line. The company says that specially designed and patented equipment can increase the airship’s wind resistance, ensuring that it always stays in the intended flight area.

Although it’s 20 feet long, it weighs less than 55 pounds, keeping it under the FAA’s Part 107 weight restriction. It can use remote control or GPS to maintain its flight path and can carry a forward-looking camera and 360-degree virtual reality camera, according to the company.

The image-displaying airship drone is intended for advertisement, entertainment, event announcements, sports, recreation, disaster relief announcements, traffic information display and tourism, as well as military announcements in conflict zones. 

Dronicar's unmanned airship lands on water.