Delong Tech Hopes to Improve Home Security With Second Generation Smart Robot



Photo: Delong Tech.

Delong Tech Co. has revolutionized the technology industry with the unveiling of their new Aija Pro, its second generation smart robot. Aija Pro is a light and compact robot, measuring 9.46 inches wide, 26.56 inches tall and 13.75 inches in diameter. It is also the first telemonitoring/video robot with various facial expressions and smart functioning capabilities, offering a personal approach to each household it is used in, according to a company press release. The company’s first-generation robot received over $2 million in crowdfunding support in 2015. Today, the company’s Kickstarter campaign has reached over 160 percent of their funding goal of $7,098. 

Aijo Pro offers a 360-degree head rotating monitor, Bluetooth capability and a wireless automatic charging version for convenient use while its homeowner is away. The robot can also have voice conversations with anyone in Chinese and English. 

Aija Pro focuses on improving home security that is safe and approved by the European Commission and the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. Delong Tech hopes to improve family home healthcare with the third-generation Aija robot.

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