Weekend Roundup



This week in the unmanned systems and robotics world, Daimler tests a self-driving truck, Textron aids in Idaho firefighting and even robots get frustrated at IKEA furniture building. 

According to its website, the Federal Aviation Administration has now approved 1,742 commercial UAS exemptions out of over 3,000 requests. 

German automaker Daimler says it has trialed a self-driving truck on roads for the first time. (Industry Week)

Textron’s Aerosonde drone, iCommand tool and Remote Video Terminal were used by the U.S. Forest Service and the Department of the Interior to support a wildfire fighting effort in Idaho. (Executive Biz)

Researchers at Nanyang Technological University developed a robot intended to put together an IKEA chair. However, that task proves frustrating even for robots. (Outer Places

Japanese company Robot Taxi will start testing its autonomous platforms in Kanagawa prefecture in 2016. (Engadget

A new robotic system out of the U.K. allows people to control a mechanical arm with their eye movement, which could one day help people with conditions that make them unable to move. (Good)

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory made soft robotic fingers that are able to manipulate delicate items like eggs or a single piece of paper. (Gizmodo)

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