Tiny UAS Impresses at Military Technology Testing Exercises in Hawaii


Tiny unmanned aircraft systems might soon be used by the military, after a successful test of the PD-100 at the Pacific Manned-Unmanned Initiative (PACMAN-I) in Hawaii. The PD-100 is small enough to fit into someone’s hand, and has an operational range of nearly 8,000 feet.

The PD-100 takes minutes to prep for flight and has a flight time of approximately 25 minutes. Its primary responsibility will be transmitting video of adversaries through its three cameras. The video footage will be sent to the operators of the UAS. With the PD-100 being so small and also being noiseless, it’ll be relatively undetectable while out in the field.

From an article on Breakingdefense.com, one of the attendees of the PACMAN-I event said that the PD-100 is ready to use right now in battle.

“That was a system that we could actually take right now…on the battlefield,” said Staff Sgt. James Roe.

In the same article, military officials pointed out that several ground systems ran into a variety of issues, ones that were avoided by the PD-100.

The PD-100 was developed by Prox Dynamics, a company that specializes in micro helicopter technology. According to the company website, some of the PD-100’s missions can include search and rescue, object identification and crowd control.

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