Message from the President

December 8, 2016

To all Rocky Mountain Chapter Members:

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of AUVSI’s officers are pleased to announce a number of updates to the Chapter website that will continue to foster and support the growing interest in Unmanned Vehicles whether they operate within ground, water and/or air environments.

In concert with the mission of AUVSI, the Rocky Mountain Chapter is also dedicated to promoting the safe and legal operation of unmanned vehicles regardless of the medium within which they operate.  With the recent release of federally mandated guidelines and rules, the focus of the Chapter will continue to promote the growth of Unmanned Systems across the Rocky Mountain Region through advocacy, education and networking.

To facilitate these efforts, the Rocky Mountain Chapter will continue to work cooperatively with related industry organizations, STEM programs, market leaders as well as local, state and federal legislators.

To support this expanded mission, the Rocky Mountain Chapter has partnered with other Rocky Mountain organizations where unmanned technologies, sensor applications, and related solutions are coming to market.  The Annual Rocky Mountain Chapter Symposium has been re-named the Rocky Mountain Unmanned Symposium which is scheduled for March 7th and 8th 2017 at Wings Over the Rockies Museum in Denver.  Details of the event can be found at www.rockymountainunmanned.org.

 To ensure that the Chapter website continues to provide useful and timely information to its members, monthly updates will be provided to reflect changes in content, links to local industry and legislative announcements as well as AUVSI announcements that are of interest to the local Chapter members.

Thank you to all who continue to contribute to the unmanned systems industry.  If you have suggestions or comments regarding the Rocky Mountain Chapter of AUVSI website, please send them to the undersigned below.

Warmest regards,

Allen Bishop


Rocky Mountain Chapter of AUVSI




The mission of Rocky Mountain AUVSI Chapter is to provide leadership promoting growth of Unmanned Systems across the Rocky Mountain Region through advocacy, education and networking

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Symposium Update 

The Rocky Mountain chapter of AUVSI, in partnership with UAS Colorado, is hosting the Rocky Mountain Unmanned Symposium in Denver Colorado, at the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum.

Note:  The Rocky Mountain Unmanned Symposium has been rescheduled to March 7th and 8th 2017. 

Join us to hear the state of the industry from experts in all areas of unmanned systems: air, land, and water.

Click here for more information on registration and sponsorship opportunities.





Chapter News


AUVSI has issued a report that takes a snapshot of the first 500 commercial UAS exemptions. The report found more than 20 industries have received exemptions from the Federal Aviation Administration to operate commercial unmanned aircraft systems in the nation's airspace.

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