2012 eBriefs


28 November- White House to codify UAS policy, Triton starts Navy testing
21 November- NHTSA exec joins Google, sense and avoid tested
14 November- SAIC nabs ACTUV contract; China to become largest robot consumer
7 November- Navy to move on UCLASS by year's end, San Diego sees unmanned systems surge


31 October- Hearing highlights UAS use; DARPA kicks off robotic challenge
24 October- Northrop Grumman Remotec unleashes Titus, ONR developing robotics fish
17 October- Rockwell Tackles Military Spoofing, DARPA Looks to the Future
10 October- Global Hawks move closer to aerial refueling, Navy picks resupply contestants
03 October- NASA tests sense and avoid over North Dakota, FAA gives UAS site selection update


26 September- California passes self-driving car legislation, NASA's Global Hawks move to Wallops
19 September- EADS-BAE may dominate European UAS market, Congress hosts unmanned systems tech fair
12 September- New DOD Guidelines for UAS Sales, Euro Hawk Takes Off
5 September- Australia to Purchase Global Hawk Variant, 'Coralbot' Swarm to Fix Damaged Reefs


29 August- Communities continue onward as FAA lags on test site selection, Robot Hall of Fame open for voting
22 August- Curiosity uses arm for first time, UUVs may have found pieces of Earhart's plane
15 August- Domestic skies the focus at AUVSI's annual conference, Smart UGVs tested by Marines
8 August- AUVSI's Unmanned Systems North America Kicks Off, Mars Rover Makes Historic Landing
1 August- FCC Emergency Comms UAS Idea Shut Down, X-47B Makes First Flight at Pax River


25 July- Robot Clears Aurora Bombs, iRobot Enters Healthcare Market
18 July- QinetiQ, MOD team on UAS capability center, Lockheed Martin UAV achieves laser power beaming record
11 July- UAS Flight Kicks off Farnborough, Two-Armed Robot Takes on Risky Lab Work
4 July- AUVSI Releases "Code of Conduct", No Winner in DARPA's UAS Competition


27 June - DHS Boosts Anti-Drug Flights, UK UAS Reviewed
20 June - Cooperation, competition reign at Eurosatory, Sherbrooke takes top spot at SUAS 2012
13 June - Driverless Car Summit connects community, New services and products launch at Eurosatory
06 June - Phantom Eye flies, NASA plans unmanned missions over hurricanes


30 May - UAS market to top $7B in 2012, Volvo's driverless car concept hits the road
23 May - AUVSI rebukes calls for anti-UAV violence, Google car may see green light in D.C.
16 May - FAA streamlines COAs for small systems, BAE Systems tests autonomous flight software
9 May - Google Gets First Ever Driverless License, Navy Green-Lights Larger Fire Scout
2 May - CBP Expands U.S-Canada Border Coverage, 20 Percent Want Next Car Driverless


25 Apr - AUVSI CEO on NextGen Council; FAA Reveals COA List
18 Apr - AUVSI Day on Capitol Hill Wraps National Robotics Week, General Dynamics Unveils Knifefish
11 Apr - DARPA announces Robotics Challenge, Navy grounds Fire Scout fleet
4 Apr - iRobot sends UGVs to S.C. nuclear plant, UAVS for hobbyists surge


28 Mar - 3-D wings and electronics merge in UAV, Company vies for driverless car license in Nevada
21 Mar - Canada pulls out of NATO UAV mission, Navy opens new robotics lab
14 Mar - Fire Scout flies solo, robot fights fires
7 Mar - Companies vie for $874 M Navy contract, AG Holder speaks on legality of targeted strikes


29 Feb - Global spending on UAS soars, France ends Heron flights over Afghanistan
22 Feb - UAS in Singapore, and in skies over Syria
15 Feb - Budget Cuts Hit UAS, NASA's Mars Robots
8 Feb - Program Review Day One Roundup, Navy Still Seeking Savings on Its Global Hawk
1 Feb - Obama defends 'judicious' UAV use, Panetta announces Block 30 Global Hawk cut


25 Jan - Rescuers use robot to search for the missing in Italian cruise disaster, FAA bill agreement reached
18 Jan - Robot makers ponder next move as wars wind down, Domestic UAV programs spark civil-liberties lawsuit
11 Jan - UAS now one-third of U.S. aircraft, Congress needs to play stronger exports role
4 Jan - SUAS companies prep for FAA ruling, Navy unveils Cicada UAV