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A UAS is being credited with helping to rescue a missing woman in Bargersville, Indiana.


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A company called Ouster that is developing LiDAR sensors for autonomous vehicles has announced a $27 million series A fundraise led by Cox Enterprises.

Ouster would like to provide an affordable alternative to more expensive LiDAR sensors, so the company has developed its first product, a 64-channel LiDAR sensor called OS1, which will be priced at $12,000.

Ouster says that besides being a more affordable option in comparison to its competition, OS1 is also “dramatically lighter, smaller, and uses less power than other competitors.”

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According to KTLA, the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) deployed its UAS for the first time on Dec. 7, as the department battled the Skirball Fire burning near the Bel-Air neighborhood in California.

Two of the department’s eight UAS were used to conduct reconnaissance for about 30 minutes, as one UAS provided visuals of property damage, while the other located hotspots. After the hotspots were located, firefighters or a water drop were dispatched to the exact location where they were needed.

An industrial UAS developer called American Robotics has unveiled its flagship product, Scout, which is a self-charging, self-managing UAS platform capable of autonomously conducting daily scouting missions in the field of precision farming.

Specializing in agricultural automation, American Robotics says that traditional scouting techniques are “inadequate at detecting plant stress early enough to offset the billions of dollars of lost yields.” A lot of the times, these methods, which can include first-generation and consumer UAS, are time-consuming, complicated, and not financially prudent.

American Robotics says that “automation must be delivered in a reliable industrial solution” in order to improve agricultural decision-making, optimize inputs, and maximize yields, and Scout provides this automation. Once Scout is installed within a farmer's field, manual intervention to plan, fly and manage the UAS operations is not needed, and, farmers also receive health reports and analysis.

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