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Skyward, which is a Verizon company, has received approval to give commercial UAS operators instant access to controlled airspace with the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) services from the FAA.

Airspace that previously required the submission of a manual request for authorization will now be accessible for businesses through the LAANC. The approval process will be automated, which will significantly reduce the wait time from months to seconds.

WiBotic has unveiled its “completely integrated wireless charging pad” for UAS, WiBotic PowerPad, which is designed for UAS operators who don’t want to develop their own wireless charging pad.

In one ready-to-go unit, the wireless charging pad includes the WiBotic transmitter circuit, transmitter antenna and power supply. The current version of the charging pad, which is three feet by three feet, can support a wide variety of today’s UAS, from smaller commercial and enterprise UAS, to large industrial UAS.

WiBotic PowerPad can be easily mounted on a variety of things, including rooftops and inside warehouses and factories. Those that use UAS for security, oil and gas, and in warehouses, could find WiBotic PowerPad extremely beneficial.

Aerovel has announced that its unmanned Flexrotor, named Actaea, set a VTOL endurance record, as it flew just over 32 hours.

During its flight, Actaea, which is a unique miniature tailsitter, transitioned from hover to wing-borne flight, and conducted its journey through a “showery day, a blustery night, and then another day in the breezy and unsettled air behind a cold front.”

The UAS transitioned back to hover as dusk fell, and “dropped gently down onto a 12-foot square helideck underway at 8 kt.”

The UAS flew for a total of 32 hours and eight minutes, and had more than three hours’ worth of gasoline left in its tank upon landing. When it took off, the UAS had 7.5 kg of fuel onboard.


In Lennox Head, New South Wales, Australia, lifeguards from the Australian Lifeguard Service were preparing for a training session to familiarize themselves with UAS equipment when a call came in about two distressed swimmers.

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During a keynote address at the North American International Automotive Show (NAIAS), BlackBerry Limited Executive Chairman and CEO, John Chen, unveiled a “transformational software cybersecurity product” called BlackBerry Jarvis, which is built on BlackBerry’s decades of cybersecurity expertise and proprietary technology.

BlackBerry Jarvis has many potential uses; chief among them, in connected and autonomous vehicles.

Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) has announced that it is expanding its commercial testing program to the United States.

DDC is bringing its testing program to the Griffiss International Airport UAS Test Site in Rome, New York during Q1 of this year, and the company anticipates that the program will run through the “balance of the year.”

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