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About Unmanned Systems magazine

Established in 1982, Unmanned Systems magazine remains true to its founding principles — the advancement of the unmanned systems and robotics community. Today, the magazine covers civil, commercial and defense news worldwide.

Each issue of Unmanned Systems has content dedicated to the air, ground and maritime news. Regular features include Far Out, a section about cutting-edge unmanned technology; Viewfinder, photos taken by unmanned systems; Essential Components; and Member News. In addition, you'll find content on unmanned systems education and events worldwide.

We have also started an exciting NEW series of deep-dive stories looking at how various industries are using unmanned systems to make their work safer and more efficient. Check out the second of these articles in the August issue — a look at using drones and robots to inspect bridges.

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Issues Per Year: 12
Publisher Name: AUVSI

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Unmanned Systems Magazine - April 2017


Unmanned Systems Feature - April 2017

Robots and Drones: Farm Workers of the Future?

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The cover of the October, 2017 issue of AUVSI's Unmanned Systems magazine.
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A self-driving car from Nutonomy in Boston.
July, 2017
A drone racer takes part in a race in Baltimore.
June, 2017
A climber negotiates an ice wall as a drone records the action.
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