Kespry Reveals Kespry 2.0 UAS


On Monday, Kespry revealed their new Kespry 2.0 unmanned aerial system. The Kespry 2.0 comes equipped with a variety of upgrades, thanks in large part to a brand new battery, airframe and an improved flight system.

Weighing less than two kilograms, the Kespry 2.0 is considered a micro UAS. The Kespry 2.0 has a flight time of more than 30 minutes, an operational height of up to 400 feet, and during its flight, it can cover 150 acres. It is also operational in 25 mph sustained winds, and 35 mph wind gusts. The flight time, coverage area and wind resilience are all twice as much as the previous Kespry UAS.

The Kespry 2.0 also has a new on-board lidar sensor that allows it to detect and avoid obstacles. It also has a lighter-weight and customized Sony industrial camera that’s capable of allowing work to be conducted in the fields of mine planning, operations, inspection and safety.

According to Paul Doersch, founder and CEO of Kespry, the upgrades leading to the Kespry 2.0 are largely credited to the consumers.

“We have learned a lot from our customer base over the last year and a half, some of which we’ve been able to address with the Kespry Cloud reporting system, but we also needed hardware improvements to the Kespry Drone system to help collect more information faster and better than before,” he said. 

Companies looking to easily collect and study aerial data and intelligence can use Kespry's new UAS, as well as the Kespry app and Kespry cloud reporting system, the company says.

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