Endeavor Robotics to deliver 32 Small Unmanned Ground Vehicles to United States Armed Forces



Endeavor Robotics will deliver 32 of its Small Unmanned Ground Vehicles (SUGV), equipped with the Endeavor Robotics uPoint Multi-Robot Control System, to the United States Armed Forces.

The SUGV meets IP67 ratings, can operate in all environmental conditions, and has increased capabilities thanks to its ability to integrate various sensors and hardware.

The SUGV can also climb and descend stairs, and it provides “dexterous and robust manipulation and lift/inspection capabilities,” while also having the ability to extend “operational range through mesh networking” with other Endeavor systems that are deployed.

According to Endeavor Robotics, the integration of the mesh networking with the company’s robots is a “force multiplier” for warfighters, as it greatly increases the distance of unmanned ground operations, and it allows operators to use a common controller interface to control or observe multiple robot assets.

“The delivery of 32 SUGVs equipped with our uPoint Multi-Robot Control System advances the entire install base in terms of interoperability across the family of Endeavor Robotics' systems,” says Endeavor Robotics CEO Sean Bielat.

“These systems will augment the approximately 1,000 SUGVs already in use by our Armed Forces.”

By “leveraging ubiquitous technology and familiar tablet-based user-interfaces,” the uPoint Multi-Robot control system greatly reduces on-robot training time, and the control system has been successfully integrated across Endeavor Robotics’ family of man-transportable products.

The system also includes an Android-based, rugged, tablet controller, as well as the Persistent Systems, LLC, MPU5 Radio network.

The SUGV has been in service across the United States Armed Forces since 2009.