Advanced Navigation releases GNSS Compass product



Australia’s Advanced Navigation has announced the release of its GNSS Compass product, which is an “all in one dual antenna GNSS/INS” that provides accurate heading, position and velocity.

​With applications for the automotive, antenna targeting, and marine surveying realms, the GNSS Compass has several unique features, including fully integrated navigation, performance and interface options, and high accuracy 8mm positioning.

Advanced Navigation says that even during GNSS outages (for up to 20 minutes), the GNSS Compass can provide accurate heading, thanks to the INS integration embedded into it.

The GNSS Compass is also not subject to magnetic interference, which gives it more application uses.

As a “plug and play unit,” the GNSS Compass is easy to install and use, thanks to its NMEA0183, NMEA2000 and Ethernet interfaces.

In an application scenario, Advanced Navigation says that beyond the GNSS level, the GNSS compass provides accurate navigation and positioning. Thanks to the integration of INS technology, access to accurate navigational data will be at the fingertips of the user.

The GNSS compass will bring a user’s navigation capabilities to the next level when operating in environments where GPS outages are common occurrences, according to Advanced Navigation.

This means that accurate data will still be maintained even during GPS outages, such as in volatile environments like the desert where extreme weather conditions can cause satellite connections to flounder.

The GNSS Compass is “wheelmark certified” for use on commercial marine vessels, and meets the required standards of safety and performance across the EU.

More information on the GNSS Compass can be found here.