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Who is AUVSI


The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International is the world's largest nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to advancing the unmanned systems and robotics community. Serving more than 7,500 members from government organizations, industry and academia, AUVSI is committed to fostering, developing, and promoting unmanned systems and robotics technologies. AUVSI members support defense, civil and commercial sectors.

AUVSI Membership

Becoming a member of AUVSI allows you access to the world's largest unmanned systems community. From exclusive networking events to exciting business development opportunities, our experts can help you navigate the ever-evolving world of unmanned systems. Among your benefits you will receive exclusive access to:

  • Vital industry data and information including subscriptions to AUVSI's Unmanned Systems magazine, AUVSI's eBrief and the Daily Robot, a daily news email.
  • Forums to discuss ideas, solutions and experiences with colleagues and potential customers
  • Networking opportunities with professionally like-minded individuals and key industry government figures
  • Discounts on AUVSI's Xponential and Unmanned Systems Europe and Defense events, and FREE access to AUVSI's Webinar Series
  • Access to AUVSI's Members-Only community on
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We Advocate for You

AUVSI is the leading global organization representing the views of the unmanned systems and robotics community to government officials, regulators, media and the public. On behalf of our membership we are committed to shaping global policy by advocating on behalf of the unmanned systems and robotics community, monitoring legislation and assessing the global impact of the industry to ensure that obstacles to advancing and fielding these technologies are removed. We represent the industry in congressional hearings, participate in coalitions and rulemaking committees, and collaborate with various trade associations and stakeholders to serve and achieve the interests of our industry.


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AUVSI Events

The Defense Show

The industry's most productive business development event of the year. Bringing together industry representatives and components program managers. Each day is dedicated to a specific platform — ground, air and maritime.


Serving as the intersection for commercial and defense applications, XPONENTIAL is committed to serving as your ultimate industry event experience.

AUVSI's Startup Connection

This 1-day event will bring investors, channel partners and OEMs together with startups, new ideas, and new technologies in an interactive format that combines demonstrations, presentations and Matchmaker Speed Networking. During the afternoon, startup, entrepreneur, and inventor participants will be matched with vendor, investor, and partner prospects in pre-arranged, back-to-back, 10-minute meetings.

Automated Vehicles Symposium

The Automated Vehicles Symposium is dedicated to understanding and working to solve the core challenges impacting automated vehicle integration onto tomorrow's roadways.

AUVSI Webinars

AUVSI has a full line-up of webinar topics slated for 2016 — aimed at the entire fast growing market of unmanned systems and will feature both commercial and civil applications. Webinars are monthly and FREE to AUVSI members.

AUVSI Publications

Unmanned Systems Magazine

Unmanned Systems Magazine

AUVSI's monthly print publication, highlights current global developments and unveils new technologies in air, ground, maritime, robotics and space systems. The publication encompasses civil, commercial and defense markets worldwide. Unmanned Systems reaches trendsetters, influencers and thought leaders involved in the unmanned systems industry. Unmanned Systems magazine has a worldwide readership of over 27,000 and reaches a highly desirable audience of decision makers and organizations driving the industry forward. This monthly publication provides the very latest news and in-depth information in the world of unmanned systems.

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AUVSI eBrief

AUVSI's eBrief

AUVSI's weekly eBrief is the premier electronic newsletter in the global unmanned systems and robotics community, averaging more than 40,000 viewers.

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Additional AUVSI Resources

The Robotics Database

AUVSI’S Unmanned Systems and Robotics Database brings you the world’s unmanned systems and robotics — past, present, and prototype — in a highly searchable and user-friendly database.

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Leadership & Staff

AUVSI Strategic Plan Overview

At their strategic planning meeting this year, your elected leadership developed a vision and a set of priorities to guide the association through a period of extraordinary challenges and opportunities unfolding in the coming years. The overview of that strategic plan is shown on these pages. This framework will guide the preparation of detailed plans and actions to realize the “To Be” vision described here.

As an association of businesses, institutions and individuals with a common interest in unmanned systems technology, AUVSI exists to advance that shared interest through advocacy, education and market growth. The work of the association fosters the technical and commercial success of the members and contributes to the societal benefits of safe, accessible and affordable advanced technology.


As Is

For more than four decades, AUVSI has been a leader in promoting collective interest in unmanned systems technology, to the benefit of a community that includes product manufacturers, government agencies, academic institutions and end users. That era began with establishing technical, application and policy fundamentals. Years of slow but steady incremental growth set the stage for a dramatic acceleration and acceptance of unmanned systems in the post-9/11 era, predominantly by military and civil government users. This, in turn, set the stage for an exponential emergence of commercial and consumer applications and demand.

Over these 40-plus years, the association was recognized and respected by a well defined, but limited, constituency, operating mainly in controlled, bounded environments. In the era unfolding now, the almost unlimited potential for anyone to operate anywhere with any device opens technical, safety, policy and cultural challenges for an enormous constituency, who may turn to any number of sources for the leadership provided by an association such as AUVSI.

To Be



  • Unmanned systems are everywhere
  • They help prevent significant loss of lives, positively impacting the way we live
  • They diminish physical boundaries and increase human potential


  • Making the world better and safer
  • Saving lives through innovative tools, products and services
  • Providing data to aid in efficiency and safety
  • Participating in solutions that cross continents


  • Removing roadblocks to innovation
  • Offering best insights in the field
  • Providing resources for members’ growth
  • Advocating for safety issues
  • Providing data to aid in efficiency and safety
  • Advancing utility and effectiveness of unmanned systems throughout the world



  • Help create and promote shared learning and know-how across air, land and maritime


  • Ensure a culture of safety and security by enabling designers, makers, sellers and buyers to create safe, effective products


  • Incorporate ethical decision making in unmanned systems and robotics technologies


  • Foster innovation for our members by removing barriers and providing networking, resources and best insights