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Weekend Roundup

A roundup of noteworthy news in the unmanned systems and robotics world this week including a home entertainment robot, outer space updates and a full-throttled driverless car.

Flying-Cam Commercial UAS Exemption Finally Approved

Today the FAA posted an exemption grant for Flying-Cam Inc. to use unmanned aerial systems in the United States on closed sets.

QinetiQ Introduces New TALON Robot

QinetiQ North America introduced its new TALON V man-transportable, tactical robot for military and law enforcement.

Second Triton Airborne

Yesterday, a U.S. Navy- and Northrop Grumman-led flight test team completed the inaugural flight for the navy’s second MQ-4C Triton unmanned aerial system out of Palmdale, California.

Yamaha, UC Davis Showcase RMAX in Media Demo

Yamaha, working with the University of California, Davis, has been demonstrating the utility of the RMAX for aerial spraying at a university-owned vineyard for more than two years.

FAA Updates UAS Compliance and Enforcement Guidance

Last week, the Federal Aviation Administration released Change 6 of order 2150.3B, the FAA compliance and enforcement program, to update guidance on actions applicable to operators of unmanned aircraft systems in violation of 14 C.F.R. — the Code of Regulations for Aeronautics and Space — or of model...

Alta and Airware Partner for SUAS Solar Power Integration

Alta Devices and Airware have announced they will cooperate to enable manufacturers of small unmanned aerial systems to integrate solar power onto aircraft to increase flight endurance.

Chicago Hospital Buys Exoskeletons

Ekso Bionics announced today that it sold three Ekso GT robotic exoskeletons to the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center in Chicago for general neuro-rehabilitation of patients with stroke or other brain injuries.

Atlanta Hobby Releases Vortex Hexacopter

Atlanta Hobby launched the Vortex aerial filming hexacopter in partnership with MN Aerospace.

Predator/Grey Eagle Aircrafts Hit 3 Million Flight Hours

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. announced today that its Predator/Grey Eagle series aircraft family has achieved three million flight hours to date.

Oshkosh Unveils New Driver Assist Safety Systems

Oshkosh Defense is showcasing its new driver assist safety systems this week including surround view, forward collision warning and full autonomy on its MRAP all-terrain vehicle.

Maritime RobotX Challenge to Feature WAM-V

Next week, students from 15 major universities representing the United States, Singapore, Australia, Japan and South Korea will compete in the AUVSI Foundation’s Maritime RobotX Challenge in Singapore.

Stark Reveals Tethered ISR System

Stark Aerospace, with sponsorship by the Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office, introduced the HoverLite aerial intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance system.

Weekend Roundup

A roundup of noteworthy news in the unmanned systems and robotics world this week including signing robots, automated trash collection and a kid friendly robotic arm.

UPoint, It Goes: iRobot’s Releases Universal Multi-Robot Control System

IRobot Corp. has unveiled its uPoint Multi-Robot Control system, a universal control for iRobot’s security and defense robots, such as the PackBot, running on Android touchscreen devices.

Side by Sidewinder: Robot Snakes and Snakes Uncover Slithering Secrets

In the most recent issue of the journal Science, researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, Oregon State University and Zoo Atlanta report that they used biologically inspired snake robots to determine how sidewinders climb sandy surfaces.

Headwall Sends Sensors to Columbia for Climatological Research

Headwall Photonics delivered two hyperspectral imaging sensors to Columbia University this week for its Air-Sea-Ice Physics and Biogeochemistry Experiment.

First UAV Civil Certification in Europe: Airbus Applies for Commercial Use

Airbus Defence and Space submitted a formal application for civil certification of its unmanned aerial vehicle, Atlante, to the European Aviation Safety Agency, the body responsible for certifying all aircraft in Europe.

How to Fly Commercially: A Complete Guide to Section 333 Exemptions

Today the Federal Aviation Administration sent out supplemental guidance to the 33 companies who filed petitions under Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 before 25 September, 2014.

Airbus Visits ATLAS for Potential Collaboration

Executives from Airbus visited the flight test center ATLAS in Spain to assess the potential for collaboration in developing and testing unmanned aerial systems.

Applanix Introduces New UAS Mapping Tool

Applanix, a Trimble company, announced a new mapping and positioning system for use on unmanned aircraft called the APX-15 UAV GNSS-Inertial System.

Aurora SideArm Earns DARPA Contract

Aurora Flight Sciences joins Northrop Grumman and AeroVironment as the third company to receive continuation funding from phase one results of DARPA’s Tern program.

eXom; Latest UAS to SenseFly

SenseFly announced its eXom rotary drone used for high-definition video, ultra high-resolution stills and thermal imaging this week.

RIEGL Debuts New Survey Solutions

RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems will become the first major lidar manufacturer to release its own unmanned aerial system this week, according to a company press release.

TaxiBot Parking Planes in Paris; Air France to Test TaxiBot

Israel Aerospace Industries and TLD Group singed a memorandum of understanding with Air France to test the TaxiBot semi-robotic system on its wide-body aircraft fleet at Charles de Gaulle Airport in France.

RT LTA to Unveil New Aerostat

Next week, RT LTA Systems Ltd., maker of the Skystar family of aerostats for use in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and communications, will introduce the Skystar 400.

Navy Taps Textron’s CUSV for LCS Minehunting Mission

Textron Systems has won a contract from the U.S. Navy to provide its Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle to conduct mine warfare missions aboard Littoral Combat Ships.

Quantum Robotics and Machine Creativity

A new study published in Physical Review X by G. Davide Papara and Miguel A. Martín Delgado, states that quantum computing tools can be applied to machine intelligence to create smarter and more creative unmanned systems and robots.

ROBOTEAM Debuts 4-Channel ISR Control

ROBOTEAM is launching its Tactical Situational Awareness, or TacSA, portable command and control system next week.

Flying Productions to Introduce New VTOL SUAS

Next week, Flying Productions Ltd. will launch Da-Vinci, a compact, lightweight, VTOL small unmanned aerial system.

SPECIM Releases New Sensor

SPECIM is introducing its AisaFENIX 1K, the first commercially available full spectrum hyperspectral sensor with 1024 spatial pixels, at INTERGEO 2014 in Germany.

Navy Tests Swarming Unmanned Boats

The Office of Naval Research recently announced that it achieved a “breakthrough” for swarming technology during a demonstration with small unmanned boats.

Weekend Roundup

A roundup of noteworthy news in the unmanned systems and robotics world this week including a robot taste tester and educational humanoid robots.

Navy Integrates Unmanned Vehicles With Weapon Systems

Earlier this week, Navy engineers at Dahlgren, Virginia integrated weapon systems with unmanned vehicles for targeting acquisition and reengagement data.

Northrop Grumman, AeroVironment Advance in Tern Program

Northrop Grumman and AeroVironment have advanced to the second phase of DARPA’s Tern program, which aims to operate mid-sized unmanned aircraft off of smaller U.S. Navy ships than the ones currently used.

UK Launches Unmanned Marine Mission

A fleet of seven robotic vehicles is being deployed into the ocean off of southwest England this week to collect scientific data about ocean processes and marine life.

USAA Petitions FAA for UAS Commercial Exemption

At 2 p.m. today, the USAA filed for an exemption to use unmanned aircraft systems for commercial purposes in national airspace to help improve insurance claim response time for members during natural disasters.

NATO Scans Seabed with AUVs

From 22 Sept. to 13 Oct. the NATO Centre for Maritime Research is testing multiple autonomous underwater vehicles at the Multinational AutoNomy Experiment off the Italian coast to collect data to improve underwater acoustic imaging techniques, primarily for mine countermeasures.

Esko Bionics to Continue Warrior Web Project

Richmond, California, robotic exoskeleton company, Esko Bionics Holdings Inc., announced today it was selected by Google’s Boston Dynamics to continue developing for DARPA’s Warrior Web Task A project.

Icaros to Unveil New Aerial Mapping System

Fairfax, Virginia-based Icaros Inc. will unveil the IDM 1000 digital oblique mapping system next week at the 2014 InterGEO Conference and Trade Fair in Berlin.

Rockwell Collins Avionics System Goes Unmanned at University of Iowa

The University of Iowa College of Engineering’s Operator Performance Laboratory completed a successful test, in collaboration with Rockwell Collins, of Rockwell’s Pro Line Fusion commercial avionics system to control an OPL experimental unmanned aircraft.

Pendleton Range Up and Running

Yesterday, the Pendleton Unmanned Aircraft Systems Range achieved initial operating capacity by flying an Aeryon Scout at Hill Ranches, Oregon, five miles northeast of the Eastern Oregon Regional Airport.

DARPA Awards Aurora Funding to Continue VTOL X-Plane Development

Today, DARPA awarded Manassas, Virginia-based Aurora Flight Sciences phase 1B funding to continue development in their VTOL X-Plane program through a preliminary design review in October 2015.

BaySpec Introduces Ultraminiaturized UAV Hyperspectral Imager

BaySpec Inc. has released an OCI-UAV, an ultracompact version of its OCI-Series hyperspectral imagers.

Harvest Automation Rental Program

Harvest Automation has begun an introductory robot rental program for nurseries and greenhouses.

A Guide for Requesting N Numbers for Certified UAS

In response to last week’s Federal Aviation Administration email requiring registration and marking of unmanned aircraft operating under a certificate of authorization, below are step-by-step instructions for requesting N numbers from the FAA courtesy of Benjamin Miller, UAS program director for the...

Weekend Roundup

A roundup of noteworthy news in the unmanned systems and robotics world this week including moving fabric, biologically inspired robots and UAS art.

Underwater Robot to Aid Port Security

Researchers a MIT unveiled an oval-shaped maritime robot, smaller than a football, with a flat panel to perform ultrasound scans along an underwater surface to aid port security.

NASA Rover Collects First Sample from Martian Mountain

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has collected a powdered rock sample, its first, since recently arriving at the layered mountain named Mount Sharp.

FAA Grants UAS Exemption to Movie and TV Industry

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration announced today that they are granting an exemption to six aerial photo and video production companies for the use of small unmanned aircraft systems for filmmaking in the United States.

FAA to Require UAS Registration

Today the Federal Aviation Administration, in an email to current government, university and organization operators of unmanned aircraft, outlined guidelines for registration and marking the systems.

Textron Fury Missile Successfully Fired from Tactical UAS

Textron Systems Weapon and Sensor Systems, of Textron Inc., announced successful live-fire demonstrations of its new Fury lightweight precision weapon on a Textron Systems Shadow tactical unmanned aircraft system at the U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona.

Boeing Increases African Presence, Signs Cooperation Agreement With Paramount Group

Boeing has signed a cooperation agreement with Paramount Group, the largest privately owned defense and aerospace group in Africa, at the Africa Aerospace and Defense show.

JARUS Appoints New Chairs, Announces Secretariat

The Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems, a global group of experts that recommend a single set of technical, safety and operational requirements for the integration of unmanned aircraft systems into airspace, held a meeting in Helsinki, Finland, to appoint a new chairman and vice...

Boeing, Liquid Robotics Sign Multiyear Agreement for Maritime Defense Solutions

Aviation giant Boeing and unmanned maritime company Liquid Robotics have signed a global multiyear agreement to collaborate on product development, maritime services and operational deployment.

Registration Open for NASA’s 2015 Sample Return Robot Challenge

Registration is open for the fourth annual Sample Return Robot Challenge, NASA’s autonomous robot competition, which will take place 8-13 June, 2015 at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Weekend Roundup

A roundup of noteworthy news in the unmanned systems and robotics world this week, including wearable robots and a lost UAV alarm.

DroneDeploy Raises $2 Million in Funding for Smartphone Imagery Analysis

DroneDeploy, a startup operated by Infatics Inc., that specializes in analyzing images taken by small drones using a tablet or smartphone, has raised $2 million in seed funding.

Canadian Defense Team Puts Unmanned Ground, Air Vehicles to the Arctic Test

A team from Defence Research and Development Canada, the scientific wing of the country’s armed forces, tested two unmanned aircraft and two unmanned ground vehicles in the unforgiving environment of Canada’s Arctic to see if they could operate there and serve useful functions.

MQ-4C Triton UAS Completes Cross-Country Flight

The MQ-4C Triton unmanned aircraft system, developed by Northrop Grumman Corp. for the U.S. Navy, completed its first flight from the company’s facility in Palmdale, California, to Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland.

CyPhy Works Awarded Second Military Contract for UAS

CyPhy Works, based in Danvers, Massachusetts, has been awarded an Air Force contract to design and test its Extreme Access Pocket Flyer, a small tethered unmanned air system used for inspecting small passageways in search-and-rescue operations.

Logos Technologies Authorized for UAS Testing in New York

Arlington, Virginia-based Logos Technologies became the first company authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration to test its Tactical Expandable Maritime Platform unmanned aerial system at Griffiss International Airport in Rome, New York.

Drone Aviation Delivers First Day/Night Optics Package for Commercial Use

Drone Aviation Corp. has delivered its first day/night video imaging package for its Blimp in a Box-100, Federal Aviation Administration-compliant aerostat system, for use in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance applications.

Sikorsky’s Entrepreneurial Challenge Underway

Stratford, Connecticut-based Sikorsky Innovations, the technology development organization of Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., is hosting its Fifth Entrepreneurial Challenge, a competition to revolutionize technology in the vertical flight market.

Orbital Delivers First UAS Engine to Insitu

Australia-based Orbital Corp. Ltd. has delivered a state-of-the-art internal combustion UAV propulsion system to Insitu Inc., a subsidiary of Boeing, for rigorous bench and flight testing.

Kratos Receives $4.8 Million UAS Order From Navy

San Diego-based Kratos Defense and Security Solutions Inc. received a $4.8 million order through its Unmanned Systems Division subsidiary Micro Systems Inc. for UAS command, control systems, and...

SeeByte Software to be Featured in NOC Gliders

SeeByte, an international leader in smart software development for unmanned maritime systems, has announced collaboration with the National Oceanography Centre to develop tools for a fleet of gliders.

UAV Solutions Inc. Inks Distribution Deal for Unmanned Aircraft

Jessup, Maryland, based UAV Solutions Inc. has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with OMNITRU Technologies LLC for its products and services in Colombia, Mexico, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Clearpath Debuts Jackal Research UGV

Clearpath Robotics has released a new unmanned ground vehicle, the Jackal, aimed at researchers working in open-source robotics.

Weekend Roundup

A roundup of noteworthy news in the unmanned systems and robotics world this week, including unmanned shipping and new Chinese robots. ...

NASA Global Hawk Winds Down Hurricane Studying Mission

NASA is winding up the final flying days of its five-year Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel mission, or HS3, as it watches what may become hurricane Edouard form in the Atlantic.

Robo-Revolution: Phones Meet Drones at AUVSI CTIA Event

The communications industry hit it big in the past decade, and at this week’s CTIA Super Mobility Week conference in Las Vegas, a session put on by AUVSI showed how robotics might be next in line.

Delair-Tech Announces New Turn-Key UAS Packages

France’s Delair-Tech says it has released seven new unmanned aircraft packages targeted at industries such as surveying, agriculture and surveillance.

IRobot to Deliver 20 Hazmat PackBots to Canada

IRobot will deliver 20 PackBot 510 robots to the Canadian Department of National Defence under multiyear contracts with an initial value of $9.6 million.

CybAero's APID 60 Performs Demonstration for China's AVIC

Sweden’s CybAero says it has performed demonstration flights on location for a new customer, Aviation Industry Corp. of China, or AVIC, which plans to buy at least 50 of the company’s unmanned helicopters in the next five years.

Weekend Roundup

A roundup of noteworthy news in the unmanned systems and robotics world this week, including Dyson's robotic investment and Toyota's surprising driverless car news.

Drones on the Brain: UTSA to Study UAV-Human Interaction

The University of Texas at San Antonio’s Unmanned Systems Laboratory has received $300,000 in funding from the Office of the Secretary of Defense to study how humans can optimally interact with UAS.

Velodyne Releases New, Cheaper Lidar Option

Velodyne’s lidar division has released a new product to its lineup — the Velodyne Lidar Puck, or VLP-16 — which is available for order at $7,999.

Weekend Roundup

A roundup of noteworthy news in the unmanned systems and robotics world this week, including Google’s UAS delivery service and new space exploration robots. …

Coast Guard, NOAA Test Puma in Arctic Exercise

The Coast Guard’s Research and Development Center teamed this summer with NOAA, launching an AeroVironment Puma from the Coast Guard cutter Healy.

CU-Boulder to Create UAS Lightning Detection Sensor

A newly funded project out of the University of Colorado Boulder will create an instrument for UAS that can detect the electric field changes that measure lightning strikes.

Camcopter Aids Refugees in Mediterranean

Schiebel’s Camcopter S-100 unmanned helicopter is helping save refugees in the Mediterranean Sea as a part of the Migrant Offshore Aid Station operation.

Weekend Roundup

A roundup of noteworthy news in the unmanned systems and robotics world this week, including NASA's robot miners and Africa's unmanned news gathering solution.

Northrop Drafting XS-1 Experimental Space Plane Design

Northrop Grumman, with partners Scaled Composites and Virgin Galactic, is creating a design and flight demonstration plan for DARPA’s Experimental Spaceplane XS-1 program.

DOT Begins V2V Rulemaking Process

Today, NHTSA released an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking, a preliminary step that will lead to the eventual adoption of the safety system in all vehicles.

Ohio John Deere Dealer to Sell UAS

The largest John Deere dealership in Ohio, J.D. Equipment, has formed an agreement with Indiana company Precision Drone LLC to sell the company’s hexacopters, intended for agricultural use.

SMSS, K-Max Pair for First Fully Autonomous Mission

Lockheed Martin and TARDEC announced today that they have successfully performed a fully autonomous cargo resupply demonstration where the company’s unmanned K-Max helicopter delivered an SMSS.

X-47B Testing With Hornet on USS Roosevelt

The U.S. Navy has started another round of X-47B tests yesterday, this time pairing the unmanned combat air vehicle with manned aircraft on board the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Weekend Roundup

A roundup of noteworthy news in the unmanned systems and robotics world this week, including a robot butler in a hotel and telepresence robots in an art museum. ...

Neya Systems Releases Autonomy Architecture

Neya Systems has released the UxAB hardware and software architecture that combines sensor processing, localization, manipulator control, autonomy and navigation into one package.

Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership Test Site Cleared for Operation

The final FAA-selected UAS test site location was deemed fully operational on 13 Aug. at an event at Virginia Tech, which featured Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and FAA Administrator Michael Huerta.

Life-Saving UAS Now Enshrined in the Smithsonian

A small unmanned aircraft that was used to save a man’s life in Canada last year has now made its way to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum.

Headwall Releases New Hyperspectral Sensor

Massachusetts company Headwall has released a new hyperspectral sensor, called the High Resolution Hyperspec, targeted at the unmanned aircraft systems market.

Texas Researchers Expand Boundaries of UAS Wi-Fi

Researchers from the University of North Texas recently demonstrated how a small unmanned aircraft could provide long-range wireless communications to areas ravaged by natural disasters.

FAA Queries for Final Center of Excellence Applicants

The FAA released its final solicitation seeking applicants for the Center of Excellence for UAS, a facility that will have the duty of looking at current and future issues related to integration.

Weekend Roundup

A roundup of noteworthy news in the unmanned systems and robotics world this week, including self-folding origami robots and a unmanned underwater system tweeting hurricane data.

FAA: New York Test Site Up and Running

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration announced today that the Griffiss International Airport unmanned aircraft systems test site, located in Rome, New York, is now operational.

Boeing Names Ryan Hartman New Insitu Head

Ryan Hartman has been selected as the new president and CEO of Boeing’s subsidiary Insitu Inc.

UTEC StarNet Partners With Sky-Futures

UTEC StarNet, a division of one of the branches of the Houston-based survey company UTEC, has announced a partnership with unmanned aircraft company Sky-Futures, based in the U.K., for 3-D inspection and on- and offshore asset management.

Saelig Releases Lightweight Telepresence Robot

Fairport, New York, company Saelig Co. Inc. has released its Double Telepresence Robot, a self-navigating platform that can send audio and video from remote locations so users can move through an environment from a far-off location.