Upcoming Webinars

Date Topic
11-29-2017 - 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM So You Want to Fly a Drone


2017 Webinar Topics
January 25 Getting Started 101: Business Advice in the Unmanned Age
February 22 Data Processing and Management: Avoiding the Overload and Making Sense of Data
March 15 Increasing Endurance: How Increasing Power Sources Can Improve Your Bottom Line
March 29 Counter UAS Technology: Protecting Our Skies
April 5 Imagery Payloads: Strengthening Your Business with Images Captured from Unmanned Vehicles
May 31 How Increasing Autonomy Will Create More Capable Ground Robots
June 14 Driverless Fleets Coming to a City Near You: How Soon is Soon?
July 19 Inspecting Your Site: How Drones Are Changing Your Industry
August 21 Airspace Integration: How Commercial Drone Operators Can Play a Role and Effect Change
September 6 Using Drones to Advance the Wireless Industry
October 18 Defense. Protection. Security: Opportunities with AUVSI
November 29 So You Want to Fly a Drone…
December 6 Mapping the Future: How Drones and Geospatial Technology Are Changing How We See the World


2018 Webinar Topics
January Protecting Government Holdings with Unmanned Systems
February Regulatory and Stakeholder Perspectives on the Future of UAS
March Connecting Cars, Connecting Users: Challenges and Opportunities Offered by Automated Vehicles
April "Data is the New Oil" and Other XPONENTIAL Ideas
May Capturing the Moment: Drones in the Arts & Entertainment
June The Path to Integrating Automated Vehicles
July Artificial Intelligence: Dispelling the Terminator Myth and Debunking the Future
August Flying Safe: Current and Impending Legislation
September Investments, VCs and Incubators: Understanding Funding Opportunities
October Counter UAS Technology: Stopping Bad Actors and Securing Our Industry
November Unmanned Below the Sea: Discovering Energy Opportunities
December Trends and Predictions: Preparing the Industry for 2019

*All dates and topics are subject to change.


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