Increasing Endurance: How Increasing Power Sources Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Wednesday, March 15, 2017, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

Imagine inspecting a bridge when low batteries force you to end the mission; or recording an action scene underwater when filming must pause so batteries can be charged. These experiences have frustrated users of unmanned technology and limited its use in the past. However, the advent of new energy sources is improving endurance to the benefit of commercial users across industries and domains. As we move into the future, increased battery life, powerful and compact engines, and alternative energy sources are changing how unmanned vehicles are powered.

Once inconceivably long drone missions are now being flown with regularity. These types of missions have the power to improve communication capabilities and bring internet access to remote areas. As the door opens to new missions, new markets are joining the Unmanned Age and boundaries pushed even further.

This webinar will explore improvements in endurance and alternative energy options. Technologists and adopters of unmanned technology will discuss how increasingly powerful systems are providing new commercial opportunities and highlight exciting horizons being broached by unmanned technology.

Who Should Attend

  • Commercial drone operators
  • Individuals interested in flying long endurance missions
  • Individuals interested in hybridization and alternative fuel sources


  • Teri Hamlin, Siemens
  • Olaf Otto, Siemens
  • Andreas Reeh, Siemens
  • Paul Debitetto, Top Flight Technologies
  • Samir Nayfeh, Top Flight Technologies
  • Matthew Sweetland, Top Flight Technologies


  • Registration is free for AUVSI members and $49 for non-members.


Katie Cooper