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AUVSI Future Robotics Forum - Portland OMSI, October 20 - 21


AUVSI Knowledge

ADS-B Sense and Avoid presented by Kelvin Scribner, President, Sagetech Corporation

Advanced Light Tactical All Terrain Vehicle (LT-ATV) SOF UAV Deployment Platform presented by Terry Wilmeth, Co-Founder/Chief Technical Officer, RP Advanced Mobile Systems

Aerovel’s Flexrotor by Mr. Tad McGeer, President of Aerovel Corp.

Aerovel’s Flexrotor Video

Building a Regional Robotics Technology Cluster - Cliff Hudson, DoD Robotics Mentor-Protege Program

Canada - USA, A Strong Partnership by Jim Sheehan, The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service 

Challenges for New Generation Sensors on UAVS and FLIR’s Product Line for UAVs and Robots presented by John Lester Miller, Chief Technology Officer, Surveillance Division, FLIR

Challenges to Unmanned Systems Trade and Cooperation - Tad McGeer, Aerovel

High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) UAS by Pat O’Neil, Director of HALE Programs Boeing Phantom Works 

Insitu Update: NAS Integration and STUAS Program Christine Tichenor, Marketing Director, Insitu

Maritime Systems Overview by Paco Santana, IRobot 

Naval Unmanned Aircraft Systems by Pat Buckley, APEO (U&W) for Unmanned Aviation

NOAA Unmanned Aircraft System Program - Dr. Robyn Angliss, NOAA 

NWARC Update - Bob Miyamoto, Ass. Director Applied Research & Technology, Applied Physics Laboratory, UW

Oregon UAV Airspace Update presented by Dr. Richard W. Spinrad, VP for Research, Oregon State University

OSU Research Enterprise Partnership EDCO & Unmanned Aerial Systems by Rick Spinrad, OSU

P-8A Poseidon by Bob Schoeffling, Boeing Inc

Pacific Northwest Economic Region by Steve Myers, PNWER

Power Beaming for Unmanned Aerial Systems by Ted Nugent, LaserMotive

Products that Enable UAS Mission Success presented by Jim Siekkinen, PhD, General Manager, UTAS-ISR Systems, CloudCap Technology

SBA Place-Based Initiatives: NWARC by Diana Drake, Seattle Division Small Business Administration

Small UAS Affordability presented by Curt Chesnutt, Senior Vice President of ScanEagle Programs

Technology and Intellectual Property Protection in a Global Economy by Greg Witkop, MD, Special Agent FBI 

UAS Payload Integration Considerations in Contested Spectrum Defense by Tony Marra, DA&T

UMCM Capabilities and Capacities with Expeditionary Unmanned Underwater Vehicles by Mr. Rob Simmons, US Navy 

Products that Enable UAS Mission Success presented by Jim Siekkinen, PhD, General Manager, UTAS-ISR Systems, CloudCap Technology