Audi performs first autonomous vehicle demonstration in New York State

By AUVSI News posted 10 days ago


Representatives from Audi of America Inc. performed the first demonstration of an autonomous vehicle in the state of New York on June 13.

Using Audi’s Highway Pilot technology, the vehicle, which was occupied by two trained engineers who monitored the system and made sure that everything transpired safely, drove autonomously for approximately 6.1 miles once reaching Interstate 90, after being guided there by a driver.

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, who took a ride in the vehicle, said, “today New York took a drive into the future with driverless vehicles. These vehicles offer tremendous potential for improving safety and saving lives and New York is poised to be at the forefront of this new technology.” 

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo added, “New York is a proven leader in innovation and cutting edge technology, and these first ever demonstrations are a major milestone toward making this new technology a reality and continuing to move New York forward.” 

The Society of Automotive Engineers considers the technology demonstrated as Level 3 automation, which means it is “capable of performing driving functions when conditions are met and at posted highway speeds.”

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Photo Courtesy of Audi of America Inc.

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