Delair-Tech’s UAS selected as drones of choice for French government agencies purchasing fixed wing UAS

By AUVSI News posted 11 days ago


A week after it was announced that Delair-Tech and RTE set a new distance record by flying a civilian UAS 30 miles beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) in France, it has been announced that Delair-Tech’s DT18 and DT26X UAS have been selected as the drones of choice for French government agencies purchasing fixed wing UAS.

The Union of Public Procurement Groups (UGAP), “which acts as the purchasing conduit for government agencies across the country,” made the decision, and as a result, UGAP will add Delair-Tech’s UAS to its purchasing catalog, which is used by public agencies such as the army, police forces and firefighters.

“We are delighted to have our UAV solutions including hardware, software and services, available in the catalog of UGAP,” says Michael de Lagarde, president and co-founder of Delair-Tech.

“Our DT18 and DT26X drones offer examples of the many applications such as : aerial mapping and topographic surveys for geospatial , analysis of environmental hazards (floods, landslides, forest fires, pollution), inspection and securing and sensitive sites, management of emergency situations (civil security, natural disaster),” Lagarde adds.  

All of the accessories needed for the UAS to be fully operational, as well as integrated imagery sensors for capturing data, will be included in the purchase contracts offered by Delair-Tech through UGAP.

Training for two pilots, support in the drafting of documents needed for registering as a UAS operator, and the creation of a UAS testing and training facility, will also be provided through the agreements.

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Photo Courtesy of Delair-Tech

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