Innovate UK Provides Funding for Amey and RACE to Develop Autonomous Vehicle for Urban Services

By AUVSI News posted 17-04-2017 13:06


After receiving funding from Innovate UK, Amey, an Oxford, England-based company, will begin working with Remote Applications in Challenging Environments (RACE) to develop and build a prototype autonomous vehicle that can be used for urban services such as grass cutting and street cleaning.

The vehicle will be developed as a part of the Connected Autonomous Sensing Service Delivery Vehicles (CASS-DV) study. Under the 15-month CASS-DV study, the vehicle will also be used to test data collected from its sensors while driving, on things such as the condition of street furniture, bridges and road surface.

The sensors will also be capable of providing information on environmental factors, including air quality and vegetation growth.

“We believe that the pioneering study will not only help to transform the quality and quantity of data on road conditions, but will provide cost efficiencies to our clients as well as delivering real improvements in safety and service quality,” says Amey’s Director of Technology Rick Robinson through press release.

Ruth McKernan, Innovate UK Chief Executive, adds, “these successful industry-led R&D projects will further spearhead UK development of low emission, and connected and autonomous vehicle technology, building on our world-leading research and innovation capability in this area and the significant strength of UK businesses large and small in this field.”

The vehicles will be tested at the Culhum Science Centre in Oxfordshire, which, according to Amey, is set to become a “major test and validation site for the vehicles.”

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Photo Courtesy of Amey

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