Kalashnikov to Develop 20-ton Unmanned Tank for Russian Army

By AUVSI News posted 20-03-2017 14:03


Kalashnikov Concern, an arms manufacturing company that is best known for inventing the AK-47 rifle, has announced plans to develop an unmanned, 20-ton tank, that is capable of carrying anti-tank missiles and machine guns.

“It will be a reconnaissance-strike complex weighing about 20 tons,” says Kalashnikov Concern’s CEO Alexey Krivoruchko, via the Daily Mail.

Last year, the Russia-based company debuted its seven-ton BAS-01G Soratnik (which means Comrade-in-arms) UGV. Before the Russian Ministry of Defense, Kalashnikov demonstrated the UGV’s capabilities in December, as it was equipped with a machine gun and four anti-tank rockets.

Capable of autonomous operation for up to 10 days in standby mode, the Soratnik is capable of carrying a 30mm gun or eight Kornet-EM laser-guided anti-tank missiles. It can also travel at a top speed of 25 miles per hour, and can be operated remotely by a solider from a distance as far away as six miles.

The new 20-ton tank would be three times the size of the Soratnik, and would look to build off the autonomous capabilities of the Soratnik. It is expected to be comparable in size to the United States Army’s M1126 Stryker ICV.

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