New Orleans Welcomes EasyMile’s EZ10 Driverless Shuttle

By AUVSI News posted 01-02-2017 16:40


As a part of a nationwide tour to demonstrate its EZ10 driverless shuttle bus in different cities, EasyMile debuted the EZ10 in New Orleans on January 30. EasyMile did this in partnership with a private company called Transdev, which operates the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority.

Among the first people to ride the 12-person shuttle were New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, as well as other officials. The vehicle, which is capable of traveling up to 25 miles per hour, traveled the length of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

According to Transdev’s Vice President Dick Alexander, the bus could serve as an addition to the city’s public transportation system.

“It's not going to replace the bus, but it's an alternative to the bus,” Alexander says via WGNO. “In other words, places that maybe larger buses don't fit, maybe in gated communities, or close knit areas, a shuttle like this can serve that area and offer a lot of different solutions.”

Alexander adds that the shuttle could be on the roads by the end of this year, or whenever it passes legislation and regulations.

The EZ10 is expected to show up in three more cities over the next two weeks as a part of the tour to showcase driverless technology in America.

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Photo Courtesy of EasyMile

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