Unmanned Systems News 4/12/2013

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Transplant Organs May Soon be Delivered by UAV  

By Ashley Addington 

Transplant and Transportation Services Inc. announced it is now involved in research and development of a program to have unmanned aircraft deliver and carry transplant organs to hospitals through the company’s subsidiary DonorLogic. 

Currently, TTSI runs and operates private aircraft to carry and distribute transplants to various hospitals for operations.  
According to a company press release, TTSI has recognized the commercial growth and change the UAV industry has been going through and the company believes using these systems could change and improve lives for the better. 

“Reducing safety risks, increasing operating room utilization through flexible timing, surgeon cooperation and collaboration, and significant cost savings are just the beginning of what we all have so much to gain from the use of these machines,” says Scott Pritchard, president of TTSI. “Our partners are innovators and leaders in their respective fields. There is no doubt that through working closely with them, the benefits will change transplant and potentially the entire healthcare industry.” 

TTSI acknolwedged this idea is a few years off due to pending Federal Aviation Administration regulations for UAS in the commercial air space. 

“The aviation industry is changing more rapidly than ever in terms of technology, airspace use and regulation,” says Pritchard. “Flying from point A to point B will be the easy part of the process. Managing the other factors will be our greatest challenge and where we face our greatest learning curve. We’ve invested in a personal UAV platform to begin working with the technology and better understand the possibilities and challenges that we will undoubtedly face.”