Unmanned Systems News 28/2/2013

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Z Microsystems Supplying Displays for STUAS

By Danielle Lucey

Z Microsystems recently announced that the company is supplying the U.S. Navy’s color displays for the Small Tactical Unmanned Aerial System program, to be used aboard amphibious transport ships. 

"The Naval Surface Warfare Center selected Z Microsystems' displays after seeing how well they enhanced situational awareness and decision making with no added latency by clarifying images in fog, dust, sand, battlefield smoke and haze — typical when operating in a littoral or combat environment," says Bob Kopas, vice president of military programs at Z Microsystems.

Z Microsystems’ real-time video displays use an image-enhancement algorithm to clarify images taken in poor visibility situations, a feature that can be toggled on and off when needed. 

The STUAS program, which uses Insitu’s Integrator UAV, had its first ship-based test flight on the USS San Antonio in mid-February.