Unmanned Systems News 1/3/2013

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Weekend Roundup

Photo courtesy U.S. Customs and Border Protection. 

  • The Department of Homeland Security’s Office for Civil rights and Civil Liberties and its Privacy Office are leading up a working group that will focus on domestic UAV use and privacy concerns. (Fierce Homeland Security)
  • The U.S. Navy is developing a two-in-one UAS, called the Stop-Rotor Rotary Wing Aircraft, that could convert from a vertical takeoff and landing system to a fixed-wing aircraft midflight. (Signal Online)
  • Washington, D.C., is using a Rutgers University robot with a ground penetrating radar to inspect the safety of its bridges. (NBC Washington
  • BMW and Continental Automotive are working together to have a “highly automated driving” car on the road by 2020. (Auto Media
  • Cassidian’s Atlante UAS performed its first flight yesterday in northern Spain. (Flightglobal